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Welcome to the Shoel-Art website, featuring paintings and prints for sale by Stephen Shoel Wachtel. The majority of these paintings have never been seen and we are pleased to debut them here. For an idea of the styles represented on this site, watch the slide show above.  If you'd like to see individual paintings, click Galleries in the top menu and choose a gallery you wish to visit. Size, price and medium become visible when you hover above the paintings on the Gallery page. For a closer look, click a painting, and to find out more about a particular painting, follow the link(s) or contact the artist. For larger images and additional information, click the paintings and prints under Shops.

A few of our paintings are set in wooden frames, hand-made, painted and oiled by Ray Somerville, the Michelangelo of American frame makers. After his studio was destroyed in an accident in 2005, Ray closed shop; he has produced no frames since then. Somerville frames, “masterpieces of the frame-making art,” are thus unique and very rare. On our website, Somerville frames are identified by name and are shown in detail. Although most of the paintings pictured in our galleries are set in dark frames, paintings for sale are not framed unless otherwise indicated. 

This website is designed for those who want to own a unique painting by a modern artist with a broad portfolio of styles. Like music, and like love, art has the power to lift our spirits. So we hope you find your visit uplifting and we hope you tell your friends about Shoel-Art.  Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon.

Shoel-Art LLC, Memphis TN

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